Writing & Editing

Writing projects to get done? Dissertations, data summaries, proposals, articles? Feeling lost or helpless? Don’t be. No matter the topic of your article, book, dissertation, or report, Dr. Elena DeVos can help you write or edit it. Of course, all academic work must be completed by you, but Dr. DeVos can get you on track, teach you the process of writing, show you the next steps, and keep you on schedule. Once you have finished, she will edit your document so that it represents you in the best possible way.

Dr. DeVos has edited non-fiction books such as:

  • the educational therapy handbook, Too Scared to Learn: Overcoming Academic Anxiety (by Cara L. Garcia)
  • the classic text on the advertising model DAGMAR, Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results, 2nd edition (by Solomon Dutka)
  • the biography of American literary critic and author, Lionel Trilling (by Edward Joseph Shoben, Jr.)

She writes passionately about society and education, and has published articles in national and local print media like Education WeekThe Los Angeles Times, The Daily BreezeThe Hollywood IndependentThe Internal Auditor, Desert Magazineand the Los Angeles Business Journal.

To see some samples of her writing, click on the links below:

“Close Your Eyes or Else”! (Education Week)

“Giving Useful Feedback About Writing” (The Internal Auditor)

“Don’t Let Possessions Define You” (Los Angeles Times)

“No One Came Back on the 911 Line” (Los Angeles Times)

“The Awfully Steep Price of Bad Timing” (Los Angeles Times)

“Learning the Hard Way” (Education Week)

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