Improve your ability to write, speak, give presentations, run meetings, work collaboratively with others and use electronic etiquette.

We’ll customize seminars and workshops to your business or academic needs.

Or choose from these popular favorites:

Communications Boot Camp

Go from terrified to terrific

Want to reduce your anxiety about speaking and writing?  Communications Camp teaches you to think on your feet, remember details, listen effectively, and get focused. Because we use fun improvisation exercises, engaging activities, and personal feedback, you learn to feel less stress. You become more effective. You can go from a terrified to a terrific communicator!

Communications camp—just like any good sports camp—improves your “game” through problem solving and practicing with communications coaches. The camp provides a safe and enjoyable learning environment where participants engage in activities designed to transform them from terrified to terrific communicators.

Through improvisational exercises, participants learn to focus thought and attention and to stay present and responsive to the people and situations at hand. Our clients develop communications mastery through interaction with others, practice in improvisational exercises, and feedback from the coaches.

(Communications Camp is co-taught with Mary Elizabeth Holmes, an associate of Words@Work, who brings two decades of experience as a stage and film performer, director, and teacher of improvisational games and techniques.)


Collaborative Communications: “Ask About the Boat”

The magic of turning adversaries into advocates

Although you can’t change people, you can change how you deal with them. Learn to strengthen relationships by recognizing early signs of resistance and resentment in others. Using seven simple principles of collaborative communications, you can turn problem people into allies.


Run Meetings That Don’t Waste Time

What’s crucial for successful meetings?

You probably know from experience what makes meetings miserable. Now, find out what you can do to run productive and meaningful meetings. Step-by-step, you will learn how to plan and hold successful meetings that people enjoy attending. In the longer format of this seminar, you participate in an actual meeting—a real-time lab to practice and develop your meeting savvy.


Write Audit Reports That Get Action

Delivering both good and bad news

Are you an auditor who needs to think like a writer? Do you feel you’re not getting through? We’ll teach you to write audit reports that people will really read and heed. Learn the components of complete audit points. Discover methods to distinguish easily between facts and opinions. If you want to perform your job more professionally, use our highly efficient and effective ways to write audit reports that will be taken seriously. As you know, it’s not only what you say — it’s how you say it.


The Writing MAP©

Quickly generate and organize ideas

MAP© is a thinking and outlining technique that solves your frustrating problem of getting ideas down on paper. Write clearer, livelier letters, memos, and reports—in less time than you now spend. When you use the Writing MAP© to plan and outline ideas, your writing improves dramatically. We guarantee it.  (MAP© is a Words@Work method)


Experts’ Writing Secrets©

From novice to expert

  • No such thing as writing
  • Getting ideas down on paper
  • Overcoming writer’s block
  • Psychological hints
  • How the brain works


Layered Writing©

  • People read for information they want
  • How to write so people will read
  • Visually organizing information
  • Not only what you say but how you say it


Everything You Want to Know About Grammar©

  • A painless method of learning the important lessons you’ve avoided
  • Grammatical mistakes damage how you are perceived
  • Good grammar makes you more confident


Editing Workshop©

  • One dozen editing strategies
  • Good writing means rewriting
  • How to avoid the most common errors of writing


Write With Power©

  • Learn secrets of the experts and the Writing MAP
  • Why do you make writing so difficult?
  • Thinking and planning
  • Good and bad editing
  • Write powerful business proposals
  • Write reports that get read and acted upon


Giving Feedback with Finesse©

  • What to look for when you edit another’s work
  • Role playing/switching
  • Taking perspective
  • Giving subordinates usable feedback on their writing


Specialized Services©

At times, organizational issues are best viewed with the help of outsiders—but outsiders who are able to take your perspective and keep your group’s best interests in sharp focus.

Whether your department or organization needs to recharge itself or plan a large project, we can help your group succeed.

We work with you as if we were extra members of your staff.

  • Private Conferences (assessing writing strengths and weaknesses)
    • Per person
    • Per department
    • Per organization
  • Conduct communications audits
  • Run focus groups and evaluate results
  • Run difficult meetings

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