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Personal statements: A daunting challenge

Whether you apply to college or graduate school, you know it’s your personal statement that defines you. You want admissions committees to see you, to understand what distinguishes you from other candidates, but you don’t want to brag. It’s a challenging task that requires writing with insight, finesse and balance. Without expert help, it’s difficult for you to see your uniqueness and even harder to get it down on paper.

For over 20 years, Dr. DeVos has helped students write statements that set them apart from other applicants.

You will find your voice—and succeed—because you can truly be personal in your personal statement. Dr. DeVos has remarkable intuition and the ability to help you articulate your authenticity and uniqueness.

Moreover, she knows the application committee process from the inside: while a graduate student, she served on the Harvard School of Education Admissions Committee. Dr. DeVos also volunteered as an alumna representative for the Admissions Committee at Harvard College, and interviewed local high school applicants.

She learned first-hand then—and continues to believe now—that one critical skill differentiates the best from the rest: Writing clearly and correctly.

Her students—applicants to medical school, law school, veterinary school, doctoral programs, master’s programs, and undergraduate colleges—all gain admission to at least one school of their choice. Dr. DeVos’ students were accepted to schools such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Occidental, Morehouse, Vassar, INSEAD (international MBA), Cal Berkeley, UCLA, UC Irvine, USC, the U.S. Naval Academy, University of San Diego, Cal Poly (both campuses), and many others.

Dr. DeVos’ approach to writing application statements helps you reflect your personality and interests in the best possible way . . . with authenticity and power. With compelling heart. With a voice uniquely yours.

Need more support?

Dr. DeVos offers a full package of services to help you navigate the planning, logistics, and writing necessary for college and graduate school applications.

Working together, you and Dr. DeVos will:

  • plan a schedule
  • review applications requirements
  • write the various personal statements
  • choose the best colleges for your interests, experience, personality, and learning style

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Zack Estrin, USC Exec. Producer, Prison Break and other hit shows
In the competitive landscape of universities these days, it is imperative that you hit your personal statement out of the park. It’s the only thing that can show the “you” behind the numbers. Dr. DeVos was able to guide my focus to what was important, unique, and meaningful about my thoughts. No longer will you stare blankly at the college applications. No longer will you think that you have so many things you want to say but no idea on how to say them.
Monica Ward DePriest, Marlborough School Assoc. Dir. of College Counseling
Her insights, as a former member of the Admissions Committee at Harvard University, proved invaluable to the students and fellow facilitators.
Rose Rockford, Cal Berkeley Los Alamitos, CA
Thank you so much for your helping David. You are truly gifted. I’m sure you will be hearing from our daughter when she’s applying for a residency.
Al Edwards, III, Ph.D., Morehouse College
I want to thank you for all the support you’ve provided Albert relative to the development of his writing skills. I’ve seen marked improvement in his thought process, organization ability and vocabulary level, and know it’s largely attributed to your work with him. I was also enormously touched by the Morehouse essay Albert wrote, regarding the person who’s influenced his life. We don’t often hear from our children about the positive things we do to impact their lives, especially in the teen years; to read it in his essay was, in a word, overwhelming.
Debbie Picasso, Stanford University Cathedral City, CA
I am so thankful Michael had an opportunity to work with Elena over the last year! She is extremely inspiring and motivating! Michael’s reading and writing both improved tremendously with Elena’s help. The one-on-one attention and her unique ways of teaching really produce amazing results. Writing the personal statement required for college applications is such an important part of the application process. Elena is able to draw out thoughts and ideas and show the kids how to turn them into incredible essays.