Academic Coaching

  • Could your child be doing better in school?
  • Is he or she on track to a good college?
  • Do poor writing skills or study habits hold him or her back?

If you’re concerned about your child’s academic future, Dr. Elena DeVos can help. Dr. DeVos’ tutoring and study sessions transform students’ thinking abilities and writing skills. Young people not only learn to stay on top of their schoolwork, they learn to excel. Her students become adept at the skills central to success at school and at work. Not surprisingly, they enjoy school more and gain admission to the colleges of their choice.

With personal attention and guidance from Dr. DeVos your child will:

  • write clear and polished essays
  • complete work on time
  • study more efficiently
  • earn better grades
  • score higher on exams
  • gain self-confidence
  • enjoy learning and school
  • experience less academic anxiety
  • stay on track through text, email and phone check-in’s


Adam R. Ochoa, CPA, CFE The Practice Accountancy Corp
Words@Work did not drill him as much as they instilled him with a confidence about learning.  This is priceless to me as Miles’ father.  Finally, although it is beyond the scope of the contract to help Miles improve his skills, Miles had a basketball lesson at the local community center.  Part of the philosophy that Dr. DeVos holds is that good performance needs rewards.  Furthermore, the similarities between the fundamentals of sports and the fundamentals of academics are easier to show children when they do both under adult supervision.
Russell L. Christopher, M.D. Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry
Elena’s strengths lie in her use of linguistics, her perceptiveness and her creativity.
Lauryn Bryant, Rancho Mirage, CA Chapman University grad
When filling out my application for Chapman University, I had to answer questions on my favorite bands, favorite movies, and fun things for the Board to ‘get to know’ me. When the application asked who my idol or mentor was, I wrote ‘Elena DeVos’ because you truly mean the world in my education to me.
Sam Harmon, Hermosa Beach, CA San Diego State grad
Thank you so much for all of the help. My college experience would not be complete without you.