How to Look Good and Act Professional When Presenting

Be clear about the image you want to project. The relationship you foster with audience is critical to success.

How You Look To Audience: Image/Rapport

You are the biggest visual. You are projecting an image.

  • Try to look confident
  • Whistle a happy tune
  • Wear appropriate business clothes
  • No tight clothes
  • No dangling jewelry
  • No outfits for the first time

Avoid talking head syndrome

  • Move around
  • Make presence dynamic
  • Use gestures

Don’t over rely on podium

  • Gripping podium
  • No body movement
  • No facial expression
  • The frozen face
  • Try a smile

Avoid verbal and body language tics

  • Verbal (uh, ah, like, etc.
  • Visual:  can be anything

Watch your body language

  • Posture
  • Sit on your jacket on a seated panel
  • Your body speaks too
  • Use hands to show transition
  • Lean forward to show intimacy, etc.

How You Look At Audience

  • Use blind spot (dead spot) to your advantage and put a supporter in that spot
  • Don’t stare at anyone
  • Keep eyes moving – not a tennis match, though
  • Don’t look in just one direction

How You Sound To Audience

  • Use pauses to get and hold attention
  • Vary inflection
  • Vary speed
  • Watch out for speaking too fast
  • Vary volume
  • Vary tone, speed, volume
  • Loud but don’t shout
  • Be aware of talking from throat—too shrill

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