Personal Statements for College Applications

Greetings and best wishes for relaxing times before the next big push comes for you (or your son or daughter). Yes, the SAT is coming up in June and then October, for those who will be taking it (again or for the first time). And, yes, you want to do well on the exam, of course… but, lest we forget: all of the effort for SAT performance is really about your going to a college that suits you! (Oh, yeah…)

That means filling out applications. The most important component of your application packet is your personal statement. The statement is difficult to write (for everyone) because you have to create a picture of who you are, and have that personification jump off the page and sing your praises loudly when the admissions committee members read your application. It’s a challenging job.

For the last 20 years, I have worked with people to write statements that distinguish them from other applicants. From applicants to medical school, law school, doctoral programs, master’s programs, or undergraduate colleges, they all gained admission into the schools that were best for them. (So far, most everyone has gotten in to the schools of their choice, and this last year, students were accepted by at least 80% of the schools to which they applied. Yet, I cannot and will not make any guarantees because the higher education climate is so darn competitive and [to me] crazy.)

The key to my clients’ successful statements was their authenticity. My approach to writing the statements takes some time and a lot of effort, yet, that time and effort will give you a statement that reflects your personality and interests in the best possible way. Remember, as much as you want to go to a certain school, if you cannot show why you are an asset to that school–and a match for it, too–you cannot make much of a case.

So—let me know if you are interested in working with me to start your personal statements, which can be fun, although intellectually challenging. Please respond as soon as possible so that we may start planning dates.

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