Effective Study Techniq...

“Students are least likely to choose to test themselves while studying, although it has been shown to be the most effective study strategy, according to researchers here at the Association for Psychological Science conference. ‘It’s a remarkable feature of our educational system that we give students so much stuff to learn and rarely tell them how to go about learning …

Secrets of Studying

There is no one way to do anything because we all are different; that is what makes the expression of our thinking essential.

Variety of strategies to study and learn and perform

  • Example of dance steps
  • Finding the right way to keep track of tasks (Variety of methods; constant refining, tossing)

Encourage scientific experimentation w/ different techniques

  • Track results
  • Go

How to Use Google More ...

Using Search Engines: Hints to Make Searches More Focused and Less Time Consuming

  1. Use 2 or 3 words for searches, not just one (if possible).
  2. Do not put “and” between topics because the search programs know that already.
  3. Put quote marks around exact phrases.
  4. It is best to use a combination of 2-3 word searches with quotes because the results