Personal Statements for...

Greetings and best wishes for relaxing times before the next big push comes for you (or your son or daughter). Yes, the SAT is coming up in June and then October, for those who will be taking it (again or for the first time). And, yes, you want to do well on the exam, of course… but, lest we forget: …

How to Write Authentic ...

Schools ask open-ended questions for their application essays. The right way to answer these questions is from your soul. Write what is right by writing about who you are. No one else is you or has had your life. That’s why the essays are called personal statements.

What has your journey been? What experiences brought you to this …

SAT Strategies

What Skills to Learn fo...


  • Plan, organize, draft, & revise
  • Write on- demand for tests
  • Increase writing speed
  • Improve editing skills

Reading Speed & Skills

  • Overview
  • Skim
  • Use context
  • New vocabulary
  • Figures of speech
  • Timed reading

Literature & Literary Terms

  • Read daily
  • Characters, conflict, plot, setting, methods of development

Grammar & Usage

  • Parts of speech
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Clauses, phrases, prep phrases
  • Pronoun choices
  • Common