Words@Work is an educational consulting firm founded at Harvard University. We simply and quickly improve your writing, reading, speaking, meeting and people skills.

Words@Work serves organizations and individuals who want to improve their writing and communications skills or those who need direct writing and editing services.

Helping people meet their communications goals, we:

  • write grant proposals (over 85-90% of which get funded)
  • design executive and staff courses
  • deliver custom communications seminars
  • help graduate students complete theses and dissertations
  • write corporate, non-fiction and academic documents
  • edit non-fiction and academic documents
  • facilitate meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • run focus groups

We teach what you want to know so you become skilled at doing the work yourself—more quickly, more precisely, more effectively.

We also write and edit documents when you are short on time or staff. We support you, we represent you, and we care for you and your work. Ask any of our clients.

In short, Words@Work makes your writing and communications projects effective and elegant. Guaranteed.

Dr. Elena DeVos, President, Words@Work

Dr. DeVos communicates complex ideas in a humorous and straightforward style. This is why she succeeds with her clients.  She distills complicated concepts, making them easy to remember and use. Her doctorate from Harvard University provides solid theory behind the highly practical techniques she teaches.

Dr. DeVos facilitates meetings and focus groups for top executives and administrators. In confidential sessions, Dr. DeVos coaches leaders in methods to improve their communications approaches. She pinpoints strengths and teaches direct strategies to immediately polish skills. Amazingly effective!

For example, executives can improve speeches and rehearse them, edit documents for clarity, overcome writer’s block, practice media interviews, or receive an evaluation of their overall communications abilities.

With her educational background and strong facilitation skills, Elena DeVos’ entertaining approach makes any communications task possible. Clients often comment that their professional and academic skills were transformed by working with her.

Whether presenting at seminars and workshops, conferences, or working with clients one-on-one, Dr. DeVos always delivers. To her, if learning isn’t enjoyable—it isn’t learning.

Having taught a variety of levels, from a university lab school through graduate school, and in the corporate sector, Dr. DeVos knows her way around the business of education and the world of writing.

You have goals.
You want to reach them.
Get in touch with her.
You’ll be glad you did.